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One view on all your interactions

All your customer’s interactions are consolidated in one view. Your clients can contact you via Chat, SMS and even through offline messages

Customer centric inbox

Once you receive a message, all the relevant information about your client are displayed in the inbox, including contact details, previous interactions and tickets

Facebook Messenger

Chat with your customer on Facebook Messenger

Connect your Facebook page with Whatdesk and start chatting with your customers on Messenger

Facebook Messenger


You don’t need a mobile app

With Whatdesk, your customers don’t need an app to get in touch with you, they just need to send an SMS to your Whatdesk number

All the messages received via SMS will be sent directly to your agent’s inbox


Telegram bot

Create your own Telegram bot using @BotFather and follow a few simple steps to connect it to Whatdesk

Once done you can chat with your customers on Telegram directly from your dashboard


Simple checkout

You can receive a payment by sending a secure link to your client though Chat, SMS and Telegram. Once the payment is done, you will get a notification directly in your inbox

Secure payment

All the payment transactions are done through Stripe, so we don’t store any credit card information. This is an extra security for your clients


Customize your widget

You can customize your Chat widget to match the design of your website. All the changes are reflected on your widget without changing any code

Preview the widget on your website

With Whatdesk, you can preview the widget directly on your site without adding a single line of code. Once you’re happy with the result, just copy the widget code to your site


Choose your Emojis

Select your preferred Emojis and use them to delight your customers 🙂


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